Sunday, January 7, 2018

A Collection of January Blogs

I’ve been writing this blog every week for over 7 years now – the first entry was October 14, 2010. The history is all there and, since plants don’t change much, some of the older January blogs are worth reading again – especially if you weren’t following back then. The pictures may not be as good, but the words are spot on. If you find any broken links, let me know in the comments and I’ll fix them (or remove them if they don’t exist).

From 2011, you might like Learning by Doing, which is about my journey into learning about native plants. It might give you some ideas for increasing your knowledge.

From 2012, the post Birds Love a Thicket can give you ideas on what plants to use to give birds a safe haven in your landscape.

Are you looking for inspiration in the New Year? From 2013, Using More Native Plants in the Landscape is meant to jump-start your efforts with a fistful of ideas.

Some of my posts are about visits to Georgia State Parks. I blogged about a visit to The Little Grand Canyon in Georgia in January 2015. It’s a great place for a winter visit; I loved all the American holly (Ilex opaca) we found there.

Maybe you’ve pledged to add more native plants to your landscape this year. In 2016, I put together a compilation of my shrub posts in Native Shrubs in the Georgia Piedmont.

I’ll still be writing some original blogs in 2018 but probably not every week. When I'm not posting something new, I’ll be reminding you of some my previous posts like I’ve done here. Remember that the blog has a search box in the upper left corner or use the history list on the right side to browse for older posts. Most posts are seasonal so you can browse by month.


  1. Oh, how wonderful to know that one can go on an "Oak Workshop"! I would dearly love to go on that!
    Thanks for reminding me of your search engine, you have just the posts I am looking for, I am sure in my search for native wildflowers and plants!