Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Last Hurrah

Canada goldenrod (Solidago altissima)
After over a week of rain, the ground is covered with wet and mostly gray-colored leaves. Half of our fall color-watching-season seems to have been washed away. 

I was thrilled to come upon this bright field this week, merrily sporting a knee-high sea of blooming Canada goldenrod (Solidago altissima).

Normally this species would have been much taller and the blooms would be finished by now. Someone must have mowed this field mid-summer, forcing the goldenrod to regroup its energies and put out all new growth. Mixed among the goldenrod are the bright red leaves of sumac (Rhus) at the same height.

As we finish out our fall and head into winter, this last burst of floral color is a happy sight. I hope that some of the monarch butterflies migrating southward might spot this field and stop by for some nectar. Someone did them a favor when they mowed this field for a change.

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  1. I went to Wisconsin in August, the goldenrod was in bloom. So I got a double dose of their beauty this year. I liked last week's article about sumac. I have three beginning stands. Since they make good food, I am keeping two.